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Top-Mount SS Chrome T3/T4 Flange Turbo Manifold For 91-94 940 B20 B23 Redblock

The heart of any Turbo system is the Manifold and the Turbocharger. These form the basis where the rest of the turbo system is built around. Turbo manifolds have only one, but the most critical purpose in turbo systems, and that purpose is to expel exhaust gas into the turbine of a turbocharger as efficiently as possible. There is no match for power and performance for tubular stainless steel manifolds. Tubular manifolds are made up of runners coming from each cylinder, meeting up at a collector. Tubular manifolds yield a higher efficiency rate, as each runner is generally the same circumference. This allows for a much smoother flow of exhaust gas to the turbo. Tubular stainless steel manifolds are chosen over cast manifolds for big power applications. Tubular stainless manifolds feature better and more consistent flow of exhaust gases. Most of the tubular Stainless manifolds also feature the placement of the wastegate flange towards the middle of the collector to allow accurate readings and precise control.

  • Top-Mount Turbo Orientation, High Performance Tubular Turbo Racing Design
  • Flange: Standard T3/T4 Configuration Outlet
  • Pipe:
  • Computerized Mandrel-Bended to Maximize Air Flow Smoothness. TIG Welded CNC Machined Flange for Resistance against Cracking and Wearing
  • Increase Engine Exhaust Output and Efficiency
  • Due to the fact that turbo/turbocharger upgrade could have varies install option, and because we are not a professional mechanic, in most case we will not able to give any install advise. so for better assistance, you should taking advice with professional installer to help you finish the project.
  • Material: Stainless Steel. Color: Metallic, Chrome Polished


  • 90-93 Volvo 240 2.3L
  • 89-92 Volvo 740 2.3L
  • 89-90 Volvo 760 2.3L
  • 90-90 Volvo 780 2.3L
  • 91-94 Volvo 940 2.3L

Remark:Fit Above Models with 2.0/ 2.3L B20 B23 (B230) 16 Valve Redblock Engine ONLY

Note:Additional Parts & Modification is always Required for turbocharger upgrade

Product Content:

  • 1 x Turbo Manifold
    Hardware If Any is Shown in the Picture Above

No Instruction, Professional Install Recommended

Manufacturer Part Number:BFC_TUMA-MULT1-VOL5-S-T34-NWG
Interchange Part Number: BFC_TUMA-MULT1-VOL5-S-T34-NWG
Other Part Number: BFC_TUMA-MULT1-VOL5-S-T34-NWG

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