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J1 Bare Exhaust Shorty Header Manifold For 97-03 Ford F-150/04 F-150 Heritage

Getting more air into your engine and more exhaust out is the key to a performance motor. That's where exhaust headers are significant as the first revenue of an exhaust system. Exhaust performance headers manipulate the air flow with the performance-robbing exhaust manifold that came with your car. Headers provide each cylinder with its own mini exhaust pipe, which means exhaust headers prevent interference among cylinders, thus, the backpressure that occurs in common exhaust manifolds. When cylinders don't have to fight with each other to expel their exhaust, they can put more power through the wheels, Pushing the vehicle. Combining with a high-performance cold air intake and a catback exhaust system, a header system removes all restrictions of your engine, then, it is able to perform at its full potential.

  • 2x 3-1 Design, Shorty
  • Inlet/Outlet: 1.625"/2.5625", Utilizes Factory O2 Sensor Position, O2 Sensor bung is welded on tubing so stock O2 sensor can be plugged in.
  • Increase Horsepower and Torque
  • Gain More performance Due to More Air Flow
  • Better fuel mileage with improved combustion
  • Material: Stainless Steel. Color: Metallic. Sufrace Finish: Bare Unfinished


  • 04 Ford F-150 Heritage 4.2L V6
  • For 97-03 Ford F-150 4.2L V6


Product Content:

  • 1 x Exhaust Header Manifold Kit
    Hardware if Any is Shown in the Picture Above

No Instruction, Professional Install Recommended

Cross Reference Number:

  • J1-HD-NP-004, BFC-J2-HD
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