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Expansion Coolant Overflow Recovery Tank For 05-10 Chrysler 300 V6/V8 SOHC/DOHC

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These Racing coolant expansion fill tanks are built with .10 in. thick aluminum. They have billet aluminum necks and accept the OEM radiator cap. Expansion tanks provide an air space for the coolant to expand into and are required in all applications where the top of the radiator is lower than the top of the engine. This overflow tank is a direct replacement for the OEM one but upgraded for durability over the factory plastic model. Reuses all original hoses and clamps

  • Thickness: 0.10" Thick Walls
  • Inlet: Barb Fitting
  • Replaces Factory Plastic Tank for a Heavier Duty Model
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Color: Metallic
  • Surface Finish: Natural


  • 05-10 Chrysler 300 2.7L/3.5L/5.7L/6.1L V6/V8 SOHC/DOHC
  • 09-10 Dodge Challenger 3.5L/5.7L/6.1L V6/V8
  • 06-10 Dodge Charger 2.7L/3.5L/5.7L/6.1L V6/V8 SOHC/DOHC
  • 05-08 Dodge Magnum 2.7L/3.5L/5.7L/6.1L V6/V8 SOHC/DOHC

Remark: Fit Vehicles without Use of Second Bracket on Front


Product Content:

  • 1 x Coolant Overflow Tank

No Instruction, Professional Install Recommended

Manufacturer Part Number: BFC-CLVTK-CHR05300
Interchange Part Number: BFC-CLVTK-CHR05300
Other Part Number: BFC-CLVTK