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4-1 Exhaust Header For 88-97 Chevy GMC Small Block Bore 5.0 5.7 307/327/305/350/400

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Getting more air into your engine and more exhaust out is the key to a performance motor. That's where exhaust headers are significant as the first revenue of an exhaust system. Exhaust performance headers manipulate the air flow with the performance-robbing exhaust manifold that came with your car. Headers provide each cylinder with its own mini exhaust pipe, which means exhaust headers prevent interference among cylinders, thus, the backpressure that occurs in common exhaust manifolds. When cylinders don't have to fight with each other to expel their exhaust, they can put more power through the wheels, Pushing the vehicle. Combining with a high-performance cold air intake and a catback exhaust system, a header system removes all restrictions of your engine, then, it is able to perform at its full potential.

  • Material: T304 Stainless Steel
  • Color: Metallic
  • Surface Finish: Chrome Polished
  • Header Spec: 2x 4-1 Design. 3-Bolt Flange. 3" OD to 2.5" OD Weldable Collector Reducer Flanges
  • Pipe Spec: 1 Piece Construction on each header. Optimized Tubing for the 5.0 to 5.7L V8 engines
  • Inlet/Outlet: 1.50" OD/3.00" ID
  • Sensor: Included O2 Sensor Insertion
  • Wall Thickness: 3/8" Flange / 16-Gauge Piping Walls
  • Headers are made with high-quality stainless steel, Mandrel bent tubing, CNC Machined Flanges.
  • Increase Horsepower and Torque. Gain More performance Due to More Air Flow
  • Better fuel mileage with improved combustion


For 1992-1994 Chevrolet Blazer
For 1988-1995 Chevrolet C1500
For 1988-1995 Chevrolet C2500
For 1988-1995 Chevrolet C3500
For 1988-1995 Chevrolet K1500
For 1988-1995 Chevrolet K2500
For 1988-1995 Chevrolet K3500
For 1992-1995 Chevrolet C1500 Suburban
For 1992-1995 Chevrolet C2500 Suburban
For 1992-1995 Chevrolet K1500 Suburban
For 1992-1995 Chevrolet K2500 Suburban
For 1988 Chevrolet R30
For 1988 Chevrolet V30
For 1989 Chevrolet R3500
For 1989 Chevrolet V3500
For 1995 Chevrolet Tahoe
For 1988-1995 GMC C1500
For 1988-1995 GMC C3500
For 1988-1995 GMC K1500
For 1988-1995 GMC K2500
For 1988-1995 GMC K3500
For 1988-1997 GMC C2500
For 1992-1995 GMC C1500 Suburban
For 1992-1995 GMC C2500 Suburban
For 1992-1995 GMC K1500 Suburban
For 1992-1995 GMC K2500 Suburban
For 1988-1989 GMC R3500
For 1988-1989 GMC V3500
For 1992-1995 GMC Yukon

Remark: Fits 1988-1997 Chevrolet / GMC Pickup & SUV models with 5.0L / 5.7L V8 Enignes without Air Injection

Installation: Direct Replacement for Factory Manifolds

All exhaust and suspension products are deemed for "off-road use only"- please check local laws regarding the modification of the exhaust systems by checking the vehicle code for your state. Many states are more stringent on exhaust modification laws and to pass SMOG. Please check your local laws.

All exhaust system components will alter and affect the vehicle's overall sound in pitch and volume. All to which is subjective in manner. we will not claim responsibility and/or accept returns based on an individual's personal preference.

Recommended for Racing/Off-Road Use ONLY, Will Not Pass Emissions Test

Product Content:

  • 1 Pair x Exhaust Header Manifold Kit (Left & Right)
    Hardware if any is shown in the picture above

The product does not come with manual/instruction, Professional Install Recommended

Cross Reference Number:


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