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April 19, 2022 2 min read

If you are the one who constantly upgrades your car with aftermarket car parts to achieve an aggressive look and improve the functioning of your car, then you must be aware of front bumper lip kits. This is an awesome upgrade for anyone who wants to achieve a sleeker look without investing a hefty sum of money. In thisshort guide, we will enlighten some other interesting reasons to install the front Bumper lip kit being introduced by Build Fast Car.

Protect your car bumper from damage

The ultimate goal of installing the bumper lip kit is to protect your bumper against scrape on a speed bump, parking lot, or curb while driving. The stronger the bumper lip kit is, the better the protection it provides. Likewise, the bumper lip kits protect your bumper against debris on the roads.

Give your car a lowered look

Some folks install a front bumper lip kit just to give their car a lowered look. Comparatively, most people like to have lowered look, which makes the car look away better than the car with higher gound clearance. In fact, a car with low ground clearance gives better handling and acceleration. But by installing the font bumper kit, you achieve a lowered look.

Reduces airflow under the car

Having a front bumper lip kit installed under the bumper reduces airflow under the vehicle. This may result in increased fuel economy to some extent by decreasing the drag. However, this is not guaranteed. Plus, the bumper lip kit increases downforce, which ultimately helps to improve handling. The decreased downforce will only be noticed when you will drive your car at a faster speed.

Simple installation

Bumper lip kits are simple to install. You only need a screwdriver and a pair of scissors to install the bumper lip kit. It hardly takes 10 to 15 minutes to get the bumper lip kits installed.

Why choose Build Fast Car for front bumper lip kits?

Build Fast Car is a trusted name for offering high-quality aftermarket car parts and accessories. The best thing is you find hundreds of upgrades from popular brands. Likewise, you also find upgrades designed by Build Fast Car itself.

For front bumper lip kits, Build Fast Car is the best place where we offer you bumper lip kits for many vehicle models. Most of our bumper lips come in four different finishes, includingmatte black,carbon fiber look, painted glossy black, and real glossy carbon filber pattern.

The front bumper lip kits at Build Fast Car are made of ABS plastic. They can be painted or installed as it is. Hence, visit our vast and exclusive collection to get what fits and suits your vehicle.

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