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March 27, 2022 2 min read

Before we talk about installing the resonator delete pipe, let us know the function of the exhaust resonator, especially for those people who don’t have a vast knowledge of cars. Made from a hollow steel cylindrical tube, an exhaust resonator is a chamber used to reduce and change the noise produced by the car engine. In other words, it lowers the sound to give a quiet driving experience to the car owner.

Besides minimising the sound coming from the engine, the exhaust resonator creates a back pressure to improve engine performance. However, it has been noticed that sometimes it creates less back pressure that can be too restrictive. Meanwhile, you may want to increase the horsepower. That’s where the resonator delete pipe comes to fulfill the goal. 

Why replace the exhaust resonator with a resonator delete pipe?

A resonator delete pipe helps to optimize the frequencies generated by the car engine to achieve more horsepower. Plus, it clears all restrictions that disrupt the airflow. The resonator delete pipe can make your exhaust sound a little aggressive and loud while maintaining fuel mileage and engine efficiency. 

Why choose a resonator delete pipe from HPS?

Not all resonator delete pipes are equal. Their performance depends on how they are made. For instance, resonator delete pipes by HPS delivers a great performance. Since HPS is a major aftermarket car part company, their products always deliver great performance and last for years. The best thing is you don’t need to wander anywhere to get the HPS resonator delete pipe delivered to your place because Build Fast Car is right here to serve you HPS products.

HPS resonator delete pipe from Build Fast Car

At Build Fast Car, you find HPS resonator delete pipe in two different colors- one is HPS Polish Aluminum Resonator Delete Pipe For 16+ lexus gs/is/nx/rc 2.0l turbo, while another one is ps black aluminum resonator delete pipe for 16+ lexus gs/is/nx/rc 2.0l turbo. 

Both of these resonator delete pipes are made of Material: 6061 Billet Aluminum. Similarly, they both deliver quick throttle response, smoother air delivery, and reduced turbo lag. They are easy to install with using simple hand tools. Most importantly, HPS resonator delete pipes are protected with a lifetime limited warranty. 

Although they come with a manual instruction guide, you can seek professionals to get them installed correctly. Hence, visit our exclusive collection to buy these must-have performance upgrades for Lexus 8AR-FTS 2.0L Turbo to improve your vehicle performance and, ultimately, your driving experience.

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