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September 17, 2021 2 min read

Build Fast Car is a leading source for the hundreds of high-quality aftermarket car parts for different car brands, models, and years. For last 20 years, we are providing the best aftermarket car parts and accessories to the customers. We have improved the quality of our products to provide improved performance. Plus, we have expanded our aftermarket car parts and accessories collection. Just name the aftermarket car parts and accessories; we have almost every car part and accessory you need.

Today, we will explain about one of the top-selling aftermarket car accessories, i.e., a steering wheel quick release adaptor. It is a useful car accessory used for racing and street applications.

About Steering wheel quick release adaptor

The quick-release adaptor helps you remove and replace the aftermarket steering wheel from the attachment hub easily and quickly, allowing safe and easy operation on the vehicle. Even the quick-release kit allows a more comfortable steering wheel position for the car driver. It features a ball-lock type mechanism for locking usability and fitting. Likewise, it features an innovative push pin that prevents undesirable unlocking.

 In general, the quick-release adaption is made of top-quality aluminum to provide maximum strength and durability, making it completely safe for racing and street applications. It is designed and tested perfectly to meet all safety standards.

Check all details before buying the quick release adaptor

At Build Fast Car, you find a range of quick-release adaptors with different colors, sizes, and shapes. For instance, we have a quick-release adapter gun metalcore/neo chrome ring, d shaped quick release adapter black/purple ring, steering wheel quick release matte black core/ring, and many more.

The quick-release adaptor at Build Fast Car is available in seven different colors. They are all made by NRG Innovations that is a popular brand for manufacturing the quick release. On the other hand, when it comes to different quick release adaptor styles that include 250 series, Gen 2.0, Gen 2.1R200 series, race series, snap-off, etc.   

Before you eventually place an order, make sure you check every detail about the desired quick release adaptor. Similarly, check the installation instructions given in the product's description so you or your mechanic does not find any trouble while installing the quick-release adaptor.

The final words

We at Build Fast Car always provide high-quality aftermarket car parts and accessories with every detail to assist the buyers in buying the right product for their vehicle without needing to replace it repeatedly. Hence, visit our exclusive collection to find the desired aftermarket car part and accessories anytime.

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