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September 16, 2020 2 min read

Enhance engine performance by installing Shortram air intake system

In general, there are two types of performance upgrades available for the cars and trucks, including Shortram air intake and Cold air intake. Both are designed with the same goal, which is to increase horsepower. But they work in different ways. Before we let you know why HPS branded Shortram air intake is considered perfect to buy, let’s understand how these performance upgrades work in a car or truck. Understanding the difference between these two performance upgrades will help to understand them better.

Shortram intake - Shortram intake is used to direct air into the engine in the shortest route possible. In simple terms, it creates a path that has the least amount of resistance for air to get into the engine. Simply, the lesser the resistance, the more the airflow, which ultimately increases the horsepower potential.

Cold Air intake - The cold air intake is designed to draw in as much as cold air. It is also called as a cool air intake. It keeps the air filter as far as away from the heat of the engine. It is usually installed in the fender of a car or under one side of the car engine. It is considered difficult to install than the Shortram air intake.

Getting the right Shortram intake system is a complicated process. If you look at the Shortram intake system, you will find different specifications, and finding the vehicle’s best fit can be a challenging task.

Firstly, you should choose the reputed brand for buying the Shortram intake system. If the brand is reputed, you are supposed to get the high-quality Shortram intake system. In this regard, HPS is considered an ideal brand that designs high-quality car accessories and parts.

Secondly, choose the Shortram intake system registered with all right bodies, which means that the product is approved with the strict laws on pollution and smog. After narrowing down your decision, you should look at the warranties and guarantees of the intake models. Remember, different manufacturers offer different levels of warranty and guarantee.

Why choose the HPS Branded Shortram air intake system?

  • Easy to install
  • Lightweight
  • Modern design
  • Affordable
  • The air filter is easily accessible

So which air intake is right to install?

Undoubtedly both are installed to bring more air into the engine for better combustion and more horsepower and torque. Both provide a smooth path for air to flow to the engine. Some people go with

 Shortram, while others choose the cold air intake system for their car. The fact is, if you want to increase the horsepower to a big extent, then it is suggested to install the cold air intake. However, if you want to make modifications at the cheaper cost with increasing horsepower, you can install the Shortram air intake system.

HPS designs great intakes for the vehicles. These are available at a very competitive price. The popular brands like K&N, AEM, and Injen also manufacture intakes for your vehicles. Hence, if you are looking for performance upgrades, you can consider installing the Shortram intake system manufactured by HPS.

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