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April 27, 2021 3 min read

One of the most popular aftermarket car parts companies, Build Fast Car offers a range of high-quality automotive aftermarket car parts, with no fuss, no muss, and no dejection. At Build Fast Car, we not only offer car parts and accessories from reputed brands but also offer the products designed by Build Fast Car itself. The intercooler charge pipe is one of the most sought-after products in our collection.

What exactly is an intercooler charge pipe?

Every car has an intercooler system that is commonly used for turbocharged and supercharged engines. The purpose of the intercooler system is to cool down the air compressed by the super/turbocharger, so it can reduce the temperature and increase the air density supplied to the car engine.

The intercooler piping kit replaces the pipes from the intercooler to turbocharger, and intercooler to inlet manifold.

Build Fast Car offers you intercooler charge pipe from various brands, especially HPS. Below we have presented the details of our intercooler charge pipes. I.e. HPS polish 2.5" intercooler pipe for 16-20 honda civic si 1.5l turbo.

Here are the HPS Intercooler Pipe Kit Features and Specifications;

  • 1 piece design delivers smooth and optimized airflow, increase performance gains in mid-range without re-tuning the ECU.
  • Features HPS signature race proven high-temp 4-ply durable silicone hoses and industrial grade
  • 100% stainless steel embossed clamps
  • The bead rolled pipe ends prevent couplers from popping off under boost.
  • 5" Mandrel-bent aluminum piping replace stock restrictive tubing
  • No modification is required during the installation. Does not trigger CEL light
  • Compatible with Factory OEM intercooler.
  • Color: Polish
  • NOT CARB Complaint
  • System Type: Intercooler Hot Side Charge Pipe

The product Includes easy to follow step-by-step installation manual with clear pictures and instructions to guide the installer throughout the whole process.

Intercooler turbo inlet charge pipe for 94-98 dodge ram 2500 3500 5.9l 12v is another intercooler pipe kit designed for different vehicle requirements. Below are the specifications of the Intercooler turbo inlet charge pipe for 94-98 dodge ram 2500 3500 5.9l 12v.

  • Material: Mandrel-Bent Aluminum
  • Surface Finish: Natural
  • Color: Metallic
  • Piping Info: 16-Gauge Wall Thickness, 3.5" OD Piping
  • Eliminates the Restriction from the OEM Intake Elbow allowing Better Air Flow
  • Powder-Coated Surface Finish on Piping
  • Style: Intercooler Charge Pipe
  • TIG Welded CNC Machine Flanges
  • For Use with Factory Turbo & Intercooler
  • Improve Performance by Lowering EGT between 300-400 F Deg
  • Connects to Factory Intake Heater Flange

Visit our intercooler pipe kit collection page to get what fits your vehicle

Since Build Fast Car offers you intercooler pipe kits for various vehicles, we would suggest you visit our page https://www.buildfastcar.com/collections/product_intercooler-pipe-kit and navigate the details of various intercooler pipe kits. Carefully, check the product specifications until you don’t find what exactly is designed for your vehicle. Leave aside all worries about the quality. We at Build Fast Car are committed to delivering the finest quality automotive aftermarket car parts and accessories whether it is an intercooler system or an intercooler pipe kit.


Every car part and accessory we have is designed using high-quality materials and advanced technology. We also offer you a range of replacement parts for your antique and vintage vehicle restoration projects. Hence, if you want to upgrade your car or improve the car engine performance, visit our updated collection, and get yourself the desired car part or accessory.

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