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July 28, 2021 2 min read

Exhaust system plays a significant role in improving car performance. As the engine burns fuel for power, it produces carbon monoxide that must be removed out as soon as possible. The ultimate goal of the exhaust system that is makes it easier for the car engine to remove exhaust gases from the engine. But if you look at exhaust system pipe, it is divided into two categories: exhaust headers and exhaust manifold. These exhaust pipes come in different sizes, colors, years, brands, and materials.

Build Fast Car is a leading online store where you find a range of exhaust pipes from different brands. No matter which vehicle you own, you are likely to find the exhaust pipe that perfectly fits your vehicle and significantly improves engine performance. But before you select the exhaust pipe, know the difference between an exhaust manifold and an exhaust header.

Exhaust manifold

Exhaust manifolds are usually made of cast iron and comprehensively used in trucks and cars. They are inexpensive, easy to install, and capable enough to withstand high heat and pressure generated by exhaust gases. Since it has multiple exhaust pipes, it provides enough space for the gases to pass and easily go out of the engine. But it slows down the backpressure, which reduces efficiency and horsepower. It is an only downside of the exhaust manifold.

Exhaust headers

Exhaust headers consist of stainless steel tubes for each cylinder. These tubes convert to a single pipe called a collector. Headers are considered better than the exhaust manifold in some ways. Since the exhaust manifold creates back pressure, it lowers engine performance. However, you don’t find this issue with the exhaust headers. Because each cylinder has its own tube that allows gases to exist without creating any pressure, it provides better performance, but at the same time, it creates more noise than the exhaust manifold.

Get high-quality exhaust pipes from Build Fast Car

Build Fast Car stocks a full range of exhaust headers. All you have to do is visit the official website. Under the exhaust system category, you will find an exhaust pipe option. As soon as you click on the Exhaust pipe option, you will get a list of numerous exhaust pipe varies in colors, brands, vehicle types, and year.

Visit our website -, choose your required exhaust pipe, and carefully check the product description to make sure you have chosen the right product according to your vehicle type. Once selected, directly place the order. Your order will be shipped within 24 hours.

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