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January 08, 2021 1 min read

Everything you should know about Coilover Damper

Coilover, which stands for "Coil Spring Over Shock," is an automobile suspension system that consists of a shock absorbs with a coil spring around it. A Coilover system with a higher spring rate in the suspension improves vehicle handling while turning. Plus, it reduces the wheel hop and easily transfers the weight while increasing the vehicle speed. Spring and shock absorbers are assembled as a single unit for installation.

Build Fast Car, as one of the leading suppliers of aftermarket car parts, offers a wide variety of Coilovers were designed by various brands, including Megan Racing. Depending on the car brand and model, Build Fast Car provides the best Coilover system for you.

Coilover system includes several components such as damper, coil spring, bushing, upper and lower mounts, threaded sleeves, various nuts, bump stops, and collars. The primary purpose of installing a Coilover system is to absorb energy or pressure through the combination of shock absorbers, springs, and dampers. As the coil spring compresses and bounces, the shock absorber and damper steady out the spring, so you can get control of the car once again.

Not all Coilovers are created equally, but their core purpose remains the same, i.e., adjustability, performance improvement, and energy or pressure absorption.


Sam Cui
Sam Cui

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