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October 28, 2021 2 min read

Build Fast Car is a hub of thousands of high-quality automotive parts from reputed brands. We also design aftermarket car products and we use the BFC brand for the aftermarket car parts and accessories that we design. Our comprehensive automotive car parts and accessories are available from all categories: induction system, exhaust system, performance, interior, exterior, suspension, accessories, trailer parts, and specialty. Today, we will draw your attention to universal hoses that are some of the top-selling automotive products in our wide selection.

Following are the reasons why silicone hoses are popular options;

  • Aesthetic- The silicone hoses are aesthetically appealing than the traditional rubber hoses. They come in vibrant colors, due to which it looks great when you open the car bonnet. Silicone hoses are available in various colors, including black, red, and blue. If you don’t prefer bright colors, then choose black silicone hoses that are the perfect option
  • Temperature range- One of the best things about silicone hoses is they can withstand higher temperatures than traditional rubber hoses. This is because they don’t expand and get hot under high pressure and temperature. If you have a racing car or turbo vehicle, then using the silicone hose is a must
  • Noise and vibration control- Silicone hose has the ability to dampen the noise and vibration to a great extent, making your ride more comfortable. On the other hand, the traditional rubber hoses are rigid in nature which causes more noise and friction
  • Flexibility and resistance- Silicone hoses offer excellent flexibility that maintains for years because of their strong material. This is because it does not crack and get stiff over time. It is not like rubber hoses that become dry rotted over time

Install silicone hoses and increase performance

After installing the silicone hoses, you will notice an enhancement in the performance of your vehicle. As we mentioned that silicone could withstand high-temperature range, you can add it in your turbo engine and improve the vehicle performance.

Different types of silicone hoses by Build Fast Card includes;

 Each type of hose we offer is available in different sizes, angles & colors. In order to find the right size and type of silicone hose, please use a filter to see and go through the product description. Hence, install the high-quality silicone hose and improve your vehicle performance to a good extent.

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