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November 02, 2022 2 min read

An elbow tubing pipe refers to a pipe used to change the direction of the fluid present in the piping system. It connects two pipes with different or the same diameter by 45 degrees or 90 degrees. The classification of elbow tubing pipe is done through various parameters, including material, direction & angle, and connection with the pipe.

Elbow tubing pipe based on the material construction

Various materials are used in the construction of elbow tubing pipes with a purpose. For instance, stainless steel is used because of the strength and durability factor, while carbon steel elbow is good corrosion-resistant properties. Other materials used for elbow tubing pipe include nickel alloy elbow, duplex elbow, brass, cast iron, PVC, and alloy steel elbow.

 Elbow tubing pipes based on direction angle

Elbow tubing pipe for sale can be divided into three different degrees, including 45 degrees, 90 degrees, and 180 degrees. The degree is the representation of the angle by which the direction of fluid is likely to change after flowing the elbow piping. However, you can also find 60-degree and 120-degree elbows.

Elbow tubing pipe types based on connection with pipe

An elbow pipe can also be classified based on the connection with the pipe. The type of connection includes butt welded elbow, threaded elbow, and socket welded elbow.
  • Butt welded elbow- They are mainly used for elbow with extremely high pressure and temperature because of the strength it provides to the elbow pipe. In order to form the connection, it is welded the elbow and steel piping tube.

  • Socket welded elbow- Socket elbow is welded into the fitting end and pipe. The actual diameter of the socket welded elbow is greater than the elbow diameter.

  • Threaded elbow- Threaded elbow is similar to the socket welded elbow, except for the interior of the trapezoidal area. It is quite easier to install and remove, which makes it good for doing repair and maintenance work.

Other types of elbow pipes

The types of elbow tubing pipes are not confined to the above categories. There are other types of elbow tubing pipes that include reducing elbow, male pipe elbow, and female pipe elbow.


Buy elbow tubing pipe considering the above categories!

While selecting the elbow tubing pipe for sale, there are multiple things to consider. Ensure you choose first choose the right elbow pipe online, and then check the product specifications to determine the right elbow tubing pipe that fits your application. Build Fast Car is a well-known aftermarket car parts company that offers a range of high-quality parts and accessories including elbow tubing pipe. Pay a visit to our wide selection and choose the proper elbow tubing pipe.

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